Hi. I am Arun. Welcome to my tiny home on the internet. I am an aspiring Digital Media Producer.

I hail from a small village in interior South India. I was raised in Madras(Chennai) and was one among the privileged millions to have a happy childhood. Growing up in an era of video games and personal computers, I gradually got exposure to healthy video games thanks to my parents for their the constant discouragement from playing the violent ones. The PC, internet and games influenced me to such an extent that I took up computer science as my major in college. Somewhere down the road, my focus shifted from data structures and algorithms to web design, graphics and digital art. Later, I joined a diploma programme in Digital Media. This was one of those germinal stages for my interests in designing for the web, animation, casual games etc.

After graduating, I took up the Master's Degree in IT at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York focussing on Multimedia, Game Design and Web Programming. After an eventful first year at RIT, I am eagerly waiting to start a six month project on chaos theory simulation or a multi-player web game with pond ecosystem management as its core theme.

I dedicate every pixel of my work to my parents. :)

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I love playing the keyboard and its been my biggest past-time for the past 10 years. I am influenced by all forms of music. I have done piano cover of film music. You can listen to them on my youtube channel here

I have also composed two songs. While recording, I learned about DAW's(Digital Audio Workstations), sound editing etc. Here are the links. Song 1 Song 2

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Completed Projects
SimPond - Acid Rain Effect Simulation - Go to SimPond website
SimPond is an interactive simulation on the impact of acid rain on lake chemistry, and in turn its effects on the aquatic ecosystem. The user can cause an acid rain to occur and observe the changes in acidity of the water and its consequence on plants,crustaceans,fishes etc. The user will also be able to explore ways to restore the ecosystem.
Interactive Greeting Card - View Project
An interactive greeting card created using Adobe Flash featuring animations that are triggered by mouse clicks.
The Revenge, 2D Animation - View Project
A 2D animation movie created using Adobe Flash to demonstrate the capabilities of key frame and tween mechanisms in creating full length 2D cartoon films.
Honey Bee, A 2D Game - View Project
A 2D game developed using Action script 3.0. The player controls a honey bee and the game play involves collecting pollen from sunflowers and avoiding poisonous flowers. A timer controls the game duration.
A Liquid Layout Site - View Project
A Unix Tutorial Site designed as a fluid/liquid layout in order to be viewed in 800x600, 1024*768 and higher resoultions without the problem of horizontal scrolling.
Wedding Invitation Website - View Screenshot
A Wedding Invite website with PHP features to post public comments/wishes, get notified of photo and video updates.
Cook with what you have - View Project
This is a recipe site developed for a group project in Web Database Integration course at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2008. Users can enter the ingredients and fetch recipes that match their ingredients list. Users can also post recipes, bookmark them and get recommendations. My primary responsibilities include, assisting with visual and layout designs, programming with php, and code integration.
Design Portfolio - View pdf
A short compilation of my digital art, posters, logos etc.
Current Projects
Victoria Leland Women's Accesories - View Screenshot
I am presently designing developing an e-commerce jewelery website using ASP .NET. My responsibilities include, designing layout templates, building a shopping cart, implement searching and filtering mechanisms.
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Arun Anjay Anantha Padmanabhan 274, Crittenden Way, Apt# 6 Rochester, NY - 14623
Ph: 585-260-6465
Email: axa1160 (at) rit (dot) edu , aarunanjay (at) gmail (dot) com

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